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How Would You Respond? Crisis/Critical Incident Communications Simulation
Only 1 Spot remains for 6 June 2019
Critical incidents and other crises are always just one sudden step away in schools. 
There is only 1 spot remaining to participate.

We will be running this event with only 5 school places available (consisting of the principal and up to 5 team members) in each capital city – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth.

Plans are great but they need to be tested to give your team practise and training. Surprisingly,  most schools do not do this. It is unfair to expect leadership team members to perform at their peak under (untrained) pressure and successfully communicate with news media, social media, parents, staff, students, alumni and the Board. 

Independent schools crisis communications expert, Sam Elam and her team, will facilitate this private, closed, online simulation with schools.

It is a fantastic, safe and comfortable way to learn how you perform under a simulated critical incident and where the gaps are – BEFORE IT HAPPENS.

Please indicate below if you would like to participate.
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